Green Tree Water Tower

This enormous tower is a favorite visual landmark for small-plane pilots. It’s visible from miles away on the ground, too, depending on where you may happen to be, and it’s the most distinctive feature of the otherwise rather generic suburban borough of Green Tree.

The borough seems to have decided on spelling the name “Green Tree” as two words, but it is pronounced as one word, and the main street of the borough is still spelled “Greentree Road.”

Camera: Canon PowerShot A590 (hacked).

Greentree’s Little Egypt

This spectacularly odd building houses the headquarters of M. S. Jacobs & Associates, an engineering firm. But the Egyptian style, and the location right across the street from the Chartiers Cemetery, tell us that it was originally in the death business; in fact, according to the all-knowing Internet, it was built in 1920 for a monument dealer.