St. Basil Catholic Church, Carrick

In the light of the setting sun, St. Basil’s presides benevolently over part of Carrick, a neighborhood of steep and crowded hills.

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Mourner on the Braun Mausoleum, Carrick

2013-08-10-Carrick-cemetery-10-bwThe South Side Cemetery in Carrick does not have monuments by famous architects like the ones in the Allegheny Cemetery, but some of its residents did have good taste in sculpture.





Carrick from the South Side Cemetery


In many city neighborhoods you’ll find a cemetery or two much older than the neighborhood itself. Cemeteries were established in the countryside outside the city; the city grew to engulf them, but they often remain little oases of rural stillness in the urban bustle. The South Side Cemetery has graves going back well before the Civil War, when Carrick was farmland and wilderness, and the hilly location gives us spectacular views in all directions. The contrast between the dense and cluttered urban neighborhood and the calm peace of the cemetery seems as though it ought to be a metaphor for something.