Andy Warhol Bridge

The Seventh Street or Andy Warhol Bridge, the middle of the famous Three Sisters.

Herr’s Island Railroad Bridge

Built in 1890 to reach the stockyards and other industrial unpleasantness on Herr’s Island, this bridge now carries bicycles from the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Herr’s Island itself, renamed “Washington’s Landing,” is now full of expensive townhouses at this end, with some offices and businesses in the middle of the island and a park at the northeast end.

Camera: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3.

Thirty-Third Street, Strip District

A view under the railroad bridge, which covers the entire length of Thirty-Third Street.

Sewickley Bridge

A classic truss bridge that spans the Ohio between Sewickley and just west of Coraopolis; it may come as a surprise to find that it was built as late as 1981. Here we see it from the hill above Sewickley.