Westinghouse Memorial High School, Wilmerding

This Art Deco school occupies a prime location right on the town square—or town quarter-circle—in Wilmerding. After Wilmerding joined other municipalities to send its children to East Allegheny High School, this became an elementary school; then it was abandoned and sold. Old Pa Pitt hopes the new owners understand that they possess one of western … Continue reading Westinghouse Memorial High School, Wilmerding

Westinghouse Memorial (part 1)

The Westinghouse Memorial has been splendidly restored, although the pond in front of it is drained and overgrown. When George Westinghouse died, his reputation was at a low point—largely because of the constant attacks by Thomas Edison, who could never forgive Westinghouse for having been right about alternating current. But Westinghouse was beloved by his … Continue reading Westinghouse Memorial (part 1)