Orchid House at Phipps Conservatory

Phipps keeps a huge stock of orchids in the growing houses behind the public conservatory, so the orchid house is always filled with blooming orchids, no matter what the season.

A Phalaenopsis hybrid.

Guarianthe bowringiana, formerly Cattleya bowringiana. Father Pitt has always suspected that, if the people who have put themselves in charge of orchid taxonomy were turned loose on the canine world, the domestic dog would be classified as hundreds of separate species within dozens of distinct genera.

Brassolaeliocattleya Mem Helen Brown × Verdant Venture ‘Richard’: three different genera (Brassavola, Laelia, and Cattleya) are represented in the ancestry of this specimen. (When they get to four genera, the breeders stop trying to combine the names of the genera and just make up a new name.)

An Oncidium of some sort (old Pa Pitt couldn’t find the tag).

Are you stumped by this one, orchid lovers? Don’t worry. Sometimes even the experts aren’t sure:


One thought on “Orchid House at Phipps Conservatory

  1. I am posting Saturday about my trip to Phipps. It was at night during their Christmas display. Amazing. Not as many orchids though. Your pictures are stunning.

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