Pittsburgh, Leader of All

Just in time for the Pittsburgh Summit, a rousing march by Alma Y. Johnson to use as our anthem. It was originally published in 1926 by Ms. Johnson herself. Click on the pictures for full-size JPEG pages that you can print and carry to your piano or parlor organ. The cover alone is worth your time: it bears a sketch of the Pittsburgh skyline as it appeared in 1926, and its black-and-gold colors show us that some things never change.






These are the lyrics, reprinted as they are punctuated in the original:

1. The Spirit of Progress took wing
O’er America’s land coast to coast,
From the East where of Pilgrims they sing
To the West, where of wonders they boast
From the North, where the lake waters gleam
To the South, where the Rio Grande flows,
And came to the place of her dreams,
Where the fire of genius glows.


Oh! Pittsburgh, City born of skill,
The child of river and of hill,
Heir to blessings from on high
The promise of time gone by.
Comrade gay to all who thrive
The hope of those who bravely strive,
Father of Industry, Patron of the Arts,
Pittsburgh! Leader of all.

2. The deeds of thy children are known
Where courage and faith have joined hand,
Thy standard of learning has flown
On the breeze, over ocean and land
Thy steel, bright and true, spans the world
’Cross river and mountain and glen
Thy banner of Progress unfurled
Leads on the souls of men.


Note: Father Pitt reproduces this music in the belief that its copyright has lapsed. If you happen to own the copyright, and wish Father Pitt to remove this material, please let him know.


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