Father Pitt

Woodland Scene

Posted in Nature by Dr. Boli on August 4, 2014


A composition of tree trunks, leaves, and sunlight in the woods in Mount Lebanon.

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Waterfall, Kane Woods Nature Area, Scott Township

Posted in Nature by Dr. Boli on August 3, 2014


Storms in the morning made streams unusually vigorous this afternoon.

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Washington Crossing the Allegheny, 1753

Posted in History, Rivers by Dr. Boli on August 3, 2014


From American Scenery, 1854 (almost exactly a century after the event depicted here). —Young Washington’s raft capsized on the way over, and he nearly drowned. He could have just used the Fortieth Street Bridge, but George had to do everything the hard way.

West End Bridge

Posted in Bridges, Manchester by Dr. Boli on July 30, 2014


The graceful arch of the West End Bridge, as seen from the union Dale Cemetery. Below, with Manchester in the foreground.


“Sacrifice,” by Allen George Newman, in Brighton Heights

Posted in Brighton Heights, Sculpture by Dr. Boli on July 27, 2014

A splendid allegorical World War I memorial. Our all-American hero casts off the robes of comfort and offers his sword to whoever needs defending (in Pittsburgh, old Pa Pitt supposes, it is more proper to say “whoever needs defended”). Allen George Newman had a considerable reputation in his day, and this memorial must have cost the neighborhood a good bit of money. Note that the dates of the war are given as 1917-1919; although we commonly take the Armistice in 1918 as the end of the war, it was not technically over until the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.

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