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South Side Flats

Posted in South Side by Dr. Boli on June 30, 2014


This distant view from Mount Washington gives us a good notion of how densely packed the South Side is.

Christmas at the South Side Works

Posted in South Side by Dr. Boli on December 18, 2013

2013-12-16-South-Side-Works-01A Christmas tree decorates the town square at the South Side Works.

South Side Works Theater

Posted in South Side by Dr. Boli on November 20, 2013


The South Side Works, an ambitious project to build an entirely new urban neighborhood, naturally needed a neighborhood cinema on the square. And the proper style for a neighborhood cinema is Art Deco, with lots of neon and other noble gases.


Pigeon and Bessemer Converter

Posted in Nature, South Side by Dr. Boli on September 1, 2013


A pigeon perches  on a Bessemer converter preserved at Station Square.

Schiller Glocke Gesang und Turn Verein

Posted in South Side by Dr. Boli on August 6, 2013


On the whole, the South Side Flats were East European and the Slopes were German. But a large neighborhood like the Flats has room for diverse microneighborhoods, and we find this “Schiller’s Bell Singing and Athletic Society” on Jane Street. The building is now turned to other uses, but the inscription remains. Pittsburgh and Allegheny used to be full of German singing societies; the Teutonia Männerchor in Dutchtown is the most prominent remnant.



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