Father Pitt

Washington Crossing the Allegheny, 1753

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From American Scenery, 1854 (almost exactly a century after the event depicted here). —Young Washington’s raft capsized on the way over, and he nearly drowned. He could have just used the Fortieth Street Bridge, but George had to do everything the hard way.

Heinz Field and the Allegheny

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A homemade rowboat sits on a dock beside the Allegheny River in Verona.

The Three Sisters

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Supposedly Pittsburgh is the only  place in the world where you can see three identical suspension bridges in a row: the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Street Bridges over the Allegheny, now named for Roberto Clemente (because the Sixth Street Bridge leads to the ball park), Andy Warhol (because the Seventh Street Bridge leads to the Andy Warhol Museum), and Rachel Carson (because we’re really proud of Rachel Carson).

Cruising on the Monongahela

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The Duchess, one of the Gateway Clipper fleet, putters down the Monongahela late in an autumn afternoon.

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