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Grandview Avenue, Mount Washington

Posted in Mount Washington by Dr. Boli on June 27, 2014


This is perhaps the street with the best view in North America. The luxury condos along Grandview Avenue account for a tiny fraction of the population of Mount Washington, but about half the neighborhood’s total wealth.

Back Slopes of Mount Washington

Posted in Mount Washington by Dr. Boli on May 24, 2014


The thin line of luxury condominiums along Grandview Avenue is most of what people downtown see of Mount Washington, but the back side is a typical and very pleasant working-class Pittsburgh neighborhood. Half a block may make a difference of half a million dollars in a resident’s annual income.

The View from Beechview

Posted in Beechview, Downtown, Mount Washington by Dr. Boli on November 5, 2013


Little glimpses of the downtown skyline pop up unexpectedly in hilltop neighborhoods. Here, from a back street in Beechview, we see Mount Washington, with the U. S. Steel Tower and the BNY Mellon Center poking their heads up behind the hill.

Liberty Tunnels, South Portal

Posted in Mount Washington, Tunnels by Dr. Boli on November 2, 2013


The new portals for the Liberty Tubes are nearly finished, and they look splendid—almost exactly the way they looked when the tunnels opened in 1924. The unfortunate mid-century boxes are now only a memory.

Washington and Guyasuta

Posted in History, Mount Washington, Sculpture by Dr. Boli on June 24, 2010

With one of the grandest views in North America spread out before them, real-estate magnate George Washington and Chief Guyasuta discuss their plans for the construction of Heinz Field. The sculpture, a bronze by James A. West, is called “Points of View.” Father Pitt suspects the title may be a pun of some sort.


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