Father Pitt

Old St. Luke’s

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This colonial-era congregation in what is now Scott Township found itself at the center of the Whiskey Rebellion, which began when General John Neville, a church member and an old pal of President Washington’s, was appointed tax collector. The current stone building was put up in 1852, but the congregation was founded in 1765.

Brewer’s Block, Fifth Avenue

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This imposing (for 1860) edifice seems to have stood at the lower end of Fifth Avenue. From a Directory of Pittsburg and Allegheny Cities for 1860-1861.

Pittsburgh in 1860

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pittsburgh-schuchman-sAdvertising William Schuchman’s lithography, from  a Directory of Pittsburg and Allegheny Cities for 1860-1861.

Washington Crossing the Allegheny, 1753

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From American Scenery, 1854 (almost exactly a century after the event depicted here). —Young Washington’s raft capsized on the way over, and he nearly drowned. He could have just used the Fortieth Street Bridge, but George had to do everything the hard way.

Hotel Schenley

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From the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Blue Book, 1899-1900. This building is now the William Pitt Student Union, having been absorbed, like much of the rest of Oakland, into the University of Pittsburgh.


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