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St. Basil Catholic Church, Carrick

Posted in Carrick, Churches by Dr. Boli on August 18, 2014

In the light of the setting sun, St. Basil’s presides benevolently over part of Carrick, a neighborhood of steep and crowded hills.

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Sacred Heart, Shadyside

Posted in Architecture, Churches, Shadyside by Dr. Boli on March 16, 2014


Two splendid churches face each other across Shady Avenue. One is Ralph Adams Cram’s Calvary Episcopal. This is the other: Sacred Heart, one of the most tastefully beautiful Gothic churches in a city with one of the best collections of Gothic churches in the Western Hemisphere.

Saints Peter and Paul: Our Most Endangered Landmark?

Posted in Architecture, Churches, East Liberty by Dr. Boli on March 14, 2014


There are still too many endangered landmarks in Pittsburgh, in spite of a strong local preservation movement. This one is probably doomed. All that has saved it so far is that it would cost a good deal of money to tear down, and the revival of central East Liberty has not reached this part of the neighborhood yet. As much as it would cost to tear down, it would at this point cost much more to restore, and for what? No church would spend that kind of money, and it is really suitable for no other use.




The cornerstone is dated 1857, but that comes from the older and smaller church that preceded this building. The Rev. A. A. Lambing in 1880 described that building thus: “The church, situated on Larimer Avenue, is of brick, about 75 feet in length by 40 in width, and has a tower rising from the centre in front to the height of about 100 feet…. The church, though neatly finished, lacks the leading characteristics of any particular style of architecture.” The plaque below has the data for this building:


St. Paul’s Cathedral

Posted in Architecture, Churches by Dr. Boli on January 20, 2014


St. Paul’s Cathedral, the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, in the Fifth Avenue monumental district. (The Oakland neighborhood has at least three cathedrals—Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Antiochian Orthodox—or four if you count the Cathedral of Learning.) A cathedral is the architectural equivalent of a coral reef; over the centuries, it accumulates a diverse ecosystem of art and history. St. Paul’s is only a little over a century old, but it’s beginning to show signs of the rich diversity that only time can bring.

St. Paul

Posted in Churches, Sculpture by Dr. Boli on January 19, 2014

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe statue of St. Paul (by Joseph Sibbel) over the main entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland. He is reading from, presumably, one of his own letters, and he casually holds the sword that beheaded him.



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