Father Pitt

A New Tower Rises

Posted in Downtown by Dr. Boli on July 20, 2013


The Tower at PNC Plaza, the biggest skyscraper project in Pittsburgh since the 1980s, has just begun to rise at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Wood Street. Traditionally skyscrapers have grown in a doughnut-shaped area of the Golden Triangle, with the hole in the Fifth Avenue shopping district; but now that much of the shopping has moved elsewhere, the hole may begin to fill in.

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  1. aimee stgermain said, on July 22, 2013 at 8:41 am

    I’m so excited to follow the progress of this tower. I’m very hopeful that it will be a fantastic addition to our skyline!

  2. […] The Tower at PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh’s biggest new skyscraper since the 1980s, is still rising. Some of the exterior shell is appearing at lower levels, even though the skeleton hasn’t topped out yet. Here we see it from the Diamond (which is spelled “Market Square” on maps). Earlier pictures are here and here. […]

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