Father Pitt


Posted in Nature by Dr. Boli on September 18, 2014


A groundhog fattens up in Greenfield.

Troy Hill and Spring Hill

Posted in Spring Hill, Troy Hill by Dr. Boli on September 15, 2014

A long lens shows us part of Troy Hill (foreground, above the colorful mural) and Spring Hill (background, including the high-rise apartment block) from across the Allegheny. Although the view from here makes it look as though they are all one contiguous hilltop neighborhood, in fact they are separated by the narrow Spring Garden valley, and it is something of a feat to get from Troy Hill to Spring Hill.

Greentree’s Little Egypt

Posted in Architecture, Greentree by Dr. Boli on September 13, 2014

This spectacularly odd building houses the headquarters of M. S. Jacobs & Associates, an engineering firm. But the Egyptian style, and the location right across the street from the Chartiers Cemetery, tell us that it was originally in the death business; in fact, according to the all-knowing Internet, it was built in 1920 for a monument dealer.

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View from the Union Dale Cemetery

Posted in Cemeteries by Dr. Boli on September 12, 2014

A view from Division 1 of the Union Dale Cemetery. Of the great cemeteries in the city, only the Union Dale Cemetery is divided into sections by major thoroughfares running through it.

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Gulf Tower from Frank Curto Park

Posted in Architecture, Downtown by Dr. Boli on September 11, 2014

The Gulf Tower, with the Koppers Tower (left) and partly completed Tower at PNC Plaza (right). As time goes on, every skyscraper that used to be a “building” changes its name to “tower.”

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