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Another Groundhog Eating an Acorn

Posted in Nature by Dr. Boli on November 19, 2014

If groundhogs are going to pose for their portraits, then Father Pitt will indulge their vanity.

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A Ginkgo Drops Its Leaves

Posted in Cemeteries, Nature by Dr. Boli on November 15, 2014

A Ginkgo biloba has just dropped its leaves in the Union Dale Cemetery. Ginkgo biloba is an odd tree in almost every respect, and this is one of its odd habits. Most trees lose their leaves over the course of a few days, but a Ginkgo loses them in a surprisingly short time, almost all at once. If there is not much wind, the result is a rich golden carpet with the tree at the center of it.

Last Burst of Color in West End Park

Posted in Nature by Dr. Boli on November 14, 2014


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The Great Floyd Gun, Cast at the Fort Pitt Foundry, Pittsburgh

Posted in History by Dr. Boli on November 13, 2014

From Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, February 25, 1860. —Knapp, Rudd, & Co. cast this thing, which was considered one of the wonders of the age.

Old Stone Church, Monroeville

Posted in Churches, Monroeville by Dr. Boli on November 12, 2014

This church is not all that old, having been built in 1896; but it sits on a site where there has been a church since 1834, and a burying-ground since 1796. The Cross Roads Presbyterian Church has moved to a much larger building some distance away, but still maintains the cemetery. The borough owns this building, and the Monroeville Historical Society uses it.

The bell tower was added in 1976; it is dedicated to George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla. Father Pitt has not researched the subject thoroughly, but he suspects that this is the only bell tower in the world dedicated to Nikola Tesla.


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